I have written before that the works on history of Hüseyin Nihâl Atsız, who completed the systematization of the idea of ​​Turkism, are used as a source even today. Unfortunately, we are not very interested in this aspect of Atsız and our lack of interest discourages publishers from reprinting Atsız’s writings on history.

Which of us has a complete Atsiz corpus at home today? The fifteen-book set, first published by Baysan and later by İrfan Publishing House, did not allow us to have the entirety of this corpus. Although he made a selection of articles, Ötüken Publications was generous to the readers in publishing Atsız’s publications on history. The book “Selections from Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book”, which I previously introduced with the article “Atsız’s Evliya Çelebi Collection”, enabled us to add new works to Atsız’s works in our libraries, the dates of Aşıkpaşaoğlu History, Üç Bibliography, Oruç Beğ, Ahmedi and Şükrullah. However, thanks to these works that we could find from second-hand booksellers, some of which I was able to read through this medium, a different aspect of Atsız was introduced to book lovers. Atsız in “The Articles in the Turkish Encyclopedia” It was a good development in terms of publishing what he wrote in various books. However, it is obvious that the articles written by Atsız in the Turkish (İnönü) Encyclopedia are more than the items in the book published by Ötüken. According to the list at the beginning of Yücel Hacaloğlu’s book “Atsız’ın Letters”, the following items are not included in the book published by Ötüken: